POST TIME: 9 November, 2019 00:00 00 AM


39 immigrants arrested in Libya saying illegal

Xinhua, Tripoli

A total of 39 illegal immigrants were arrested in the western Libyan city of Zuwara on Thursday, the city's security department said.   "After receiving information about a site in eastern Zuwara suspected to be used to gather illegal immigrants, a patrol was immediately assigned to the scene. Upon arrival, 39 illegal immigrants of Bangladeshi nationality were found," the department said in a statement on late Thursday.  The arrested immigrants were transferred to a shelter, the statement said.


Turkey to send foreign IS jihadists home

AFP, Istanbul

Turkey will start sending foreign jihadists back to their home countries next week, Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu told state news agency Anadolu yesterday. “Now we are telling you that we are going to send them back to you. We are starting this on Monday,” Soylu said, referring to members of the Islamic State group (IS). Earlier this week, Soylu said Turkey had nearly 1,200 foreign members of IS in custody, and had captured 287 during its recent operation in northern Syria.


Las Vegas bans sleeping in streets

 AFP, Los Angeles

Faced with a growing number of homeless people, Las Vegas has passed a controversial law that bans sleeping on the street and imposes punishments of a $1,000 fine and six months in prison. The ordinance—the latest in a series of measures by US cities to grapple with rising vagrancy—comes into force Sunday, but its criminal provisions will not be applied until February. Sleeping on the streets of the gambling hub will only be illegal in downtown Las Vegas and residential areas—not the famous casino “Strip,” which comes under a different jurisdiction.


Indian couple stoned to death for marrying outside caste

AFP,  New Delhi

Relatives of an Indian woman who married outside her caste and fled her home to escape punishment stoned her and her husband to death after the couple returned to their village to visit family, police said Thursday. The 29-year-old couple, from the same village in the southern state of Karnataka, had married three years ago against the wishes of their families and moved to Bangalore and other cities in the region, and had two children.