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Youths urged to follow ideal of Prof Rafiqul
BSS, Dhaka

Youths urged to follow ideal of Prof Rafiqul

Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud yesterday urged the new generation to follow the life and ideals of National Professor Rafiqul Islam. “We would not proceed, if we can’t honour those who are working relentlessly to take forward the country, the nation and the society,” he told a discussion at an auditorium of National Museum here.

Swadhinata Foundation organised the discussion and screening of a documentary on the life and works of National Professor Rafiqul Islam with its Chairman Dr M Amzad Hossain in the chair. Hasan said those working relentlessly for building a developed nation for the future generation should be honoured. But, it is regretful that most people are becoming self-centered, he added.

The minister said, “We should discuss the life and works of the eminent personalities who are working for literature, human values and national development as well. We need to take lessons from Professor Rafiqul, the veteran language movement hero, freedom fighter and the teacher of Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina.”