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Many happy returns to Moushumi

Many happy returns to Moushumi

DL Reporter, Dhaka

Today is the birthday of ‘Priyodarshini’-famed actress Moushumi. The celebrated actress will spend the day in her own style.

DhakaLive has news that Moushumi will share some moments of her birthday with a group of orphans in the morning. Then, she will spend the rest of the time with her family members.

Moushumi said on the occasion of her birthday, “A lot of time from the life has already been spent! I am grateful to Allah for giving me a beautiful life. I was born to a wonderful family. I am happy with my husband and children.”

 “I miss my parents every step of my life. My mother is not with me this birthday, I will miss her a lot. My birthday will be spent quietly with my husband Omar Sani and two children Fardeen and Faiza. I seek everyone’s prayer for our good health and happy life,” the actress added.

However, Moushumi lost the election while contesting as the presidential candidate in the biennial election of the film artistes’ association on last October 25. “The expectation of the viewers surrounding me was not fulfilled. They were hurt for me. I am cordially grateful to everyone who stood by my side with their unconditional love. I want to live with this love for the rest of my life”, Moushumi said about participating in the election.

Moushumi recently took part in the shooting of her new film ‘Arjan 71’.


Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed