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Yunnan to attract international talents with increased opening up
10 foreign experts win this year’s Yunnan friendship

Yunnan to attract international talents with increased opening up

Yunnan governor Ruan Chengfa(fourth from left, front) took a group photo with winners of this year's Yunnan Friendship Award for Foreign Expers on October 21. Photo by Yang Zheng

On October 21st the 4th Yunnan International Talent Exchange Conference (YITEC) opened in Kunming. Themed "Gathering Global Talents, Promoting Yunnan's Development", the conference attracted attendees from many countries and regions around the world, and further activities related to the conference will be held in November and December.

The YITEC sought to recruit talents for the province's high-level socioeconomic development. In addition to the key conference activities, a series of side events are being organized. These include the International Forum of Young Talents of Science and Technology of the South and Southeast Asian University Network and the 2019 International Forum on Biotechnology and Translational Medicine. Kunming University of Science and Technology hosted the 2019 International Youth Scholar Forum and the Overseas Talent Recruitment Conference for Promoting the Establishment of World-class University and Disciplines. The province showed its recognition of outstanding talents in the 2019 High-end Talents Certificate Issuing Ceremony and the Yunnan Friendship Award Granting Ceremony.

This year, 10 experts from Thailand, Chile, the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and other countries won Yunnan Friendship Award—the top prize awarded by the provincial government to foreign experts who have made outstanding contributions to Yunnan. Since its establishment in 1997, 17 award ceremonies have been held and 170 foreign experts have won the honour.


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Geographical position: Yunnan is located in southwest China, bordering Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. The Belt and Road Initiative, the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Mechanism, the China-Myanmar Economic Corridor and the China-Laos Economic Corridor are bringing new opportunities for development to the province.

Areas in urgent need of talents: In its current development, Yunnan is stepping up efforts to introduce talents from the fields of natural sciences, engineering technology, humanities and social sciences, management and consulting.

Visa system: Yunnan has completed the implementation of the foreign talent visa system. Foreign talents can receive their confirmation of qualification for the visa within five working days. They can apply for a multiple-entry visa, valid for 5 to 10 years, which allows them to stay in China for up to 180 days at a time. Their spouse and minor children can be issued multiple-entry visas of the same validity in corresponding categories.

Innovative services: High-end foreign talents working in Yunnan can not only enjoy a favourable policy and financial support in training and scientific research, but also receive convenient assistance with housing, children's education, health care, social insurance and academic evaluation.

Other incentives: The province has continued to increase incentives for foreign talents, including the Yunnan Friendship Award.



I am deeply impressed by Yunnan's biodiversity, and working here is exciting. Moreover, Yunnan offers a favourable working environment and policy as well as financial support. This also explains why I have chosen to work in Yunnan.

——Harald Schneider (Germany), expert at the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Yunnan's unique natural environment appeals to agricultural researchers in particular. Furthermore, the province provides foreign top talents with a superb research environment and opportunities, so that they can tap into their full potential.

——Lee Dongsun  (South Korea), agricultural expert at Yunnan Agricultural University