POST TIME: 14 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Bangladesh tables resolution at UN on jute, sisal use
UNB, Dhaka

Bangladesh tables resolution at UN on jute, sisal use

Bangladesh has tabled a draft resolution titled “Use of Natural Fibres such as Jute and Sisal” at the United Nations for consideration during the 74th General Assembly. Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN Ambassador Masud Bin Momen tabled the resolution at the plenary of the second committee under Agenda-24, “Agriculture development, food security and nutrition” on Friday. He said Bangladesh is the third largest producer of vegetables, fourth largest producer of rice and fifth largest producer of inland fisheries. The negotiation process of this reso lution will start soon at the UN headquarters, said the Bangladesh Mission in New York yesterday. Masud encouraged member states to promote the use of environment-friendly natural fibres such as jute, cotton, and sisal. He said enough has not been done to make people aware of the benefits of the use of natural fibres as substitutes of artificial fibres.

He argued that a resolution of General Assembly is required to signal Bangladesh’s commitment to protect environment through using natural fibres. He opined that the resolution could be an effective tool to raise global awareness on importance of natural fibres, not only to producers and the industry, but also to consumers for a better choice in saving the environment.