POST TIME: 14 October, 2019 00:00 00 AM
statement over abrar killing
UN resident coordinator summoned

UN resident coordinator summoned

The foreign ministry has officially expressed its dissatisfaction over the recent comment of UN resident coordinator in Dhaka, Mia Seppo, on the murder of a student of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). After being summoned by the ministry, Seppo yesterday met with the foreign ministry's director general of the UN wing, Nahida Sobhan. Nahida told reporters that Seppo was called to explain the UN's statement on the killing of the BUET student. Foreign ministry sources said that Bangladesh objected to the UN statement that termed the killing of Abrar as the result of exercising his freedom of expression. “The deal with India has been the subject of much conjecture across various platforms. The government didn't stop anyone from expressing their views. It wasn't even aware of what Abrar had written on his Facebook post,” Nahida said. “The UN doesn't issue any statement when a student is killed in the developed world. Why should it link such incidents in Bangladesh with suppression of free speech?” she added. Earlier, in its statement, the UN had said: “The UN deplores the killing of a young BUET student, allegedly for freely expressing his views. Campus violence in Bangladesh has over the years affected and claimed too many lives, with apparent impunity for those bearing responsibility.” “The UN Bangladesh notes steps taken by the authorities to apprehend alleged perpetrators. It encourages independent investigations that should lead to justice being served in a fair process, and measures to ensure prevention of further incidents,” it had mentioned.

Freedom of speech is a human right, the UN had said, adding that “nobody should be harassed, tortured or killed for exercising it.” Abrar Fahad, a sophomore student of electrical and electronic engineering, was allegedly killed by leaders of the BUET Chhatra League unit early Monday. Soon after the incident, different platforms, including the missions of the US, France, Germany, the UK and Switzerland, expressed their shock at the tragic death of Abrar.