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Soukarya ropes in Jaya Ahsan for next project ‘Bhoot Pori’
Times of India, Mumbai

Soukarya ropes in Jaya Ahsan for 
next project ‘Bhoot Pori’

What happens when you meet a beautiful ghost who doesn’t even know that she is dead? There’s more twist! You want to help the ghost in search of her identity and suddenly discover she was murdered. Pretty interesting right? Well, Soukarya Ghosal who floored everyone with ‘Rainbow Jelly’ last year is back with a new film ‘Bhoot Pori’, a horror fantasy. Soukarya had written the story of this film way back in 2016 just after completing ‘Rainbow Jelly’.

The plot already looks quite interesting. But that’s not all. The cast of ‘Bhootpori’ assembles some of the best from the industry. Jaya Ahsan will be seen as the puzzled ghost Banalata.

Ritwick Chakraborty plays a thief Makhan who helps the boy to find out Banalata’s cause of death. Child actor Bishantak Mukherjee essays the role of the boy Suryanayan who encounters the ghost and Sudiptaa Chakraborty plays her mother.

The story sees a little boy suffering from chronic somnambulism one day encounters a Ghost who is trapped in a time warp for 70 years, and in the process discovers they both see a common dream.

Giving a peek into the film, Soukarya said: “Bhoot Pori is a biography of a ghost. A woman who died in the year of 1947 meets a boy in 2019. With the help of the boy the ghost comes to know about her death. It was not a death but a murder.

Now the little boy helps the ghost to find her murderer.”

Under the banner of Surinder Films, story and screenplay of ‘Bhoot Pori’ are by Soukarya himself. The music will be composed by Nabarun Bose. Interestingly, the film is presented by Koel Mallick. l