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PrangoneMor to stage ‘Raktakarabi’ after one-year break
DL DESK, Dhaka

PrangoneMor to stage ‘Raktakarabi’ after one-year break

After a year break, theatre troupe PrangoneMor is bringing its much-acclaimed production ‘Raktakarabi’ on stage today at the Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium of Bangladesh Mahila Samiti in the capital’s Baily Road area.

Directed by Nuna Afroze, this drama is based on truthfulness, but there has any historical incident happened or not if this duty goes to historian, audience will despoil. So, this is it from Poet’s believe it’s totally true.

What is the name of the place where the incident has happened may be the historian could differ. But everyone knows its nickname ‘Jokkhopuri’- mine.

Scholars say, in mythological mine there is a gold throne, God of Wealth- Kuber.

But this play is mainly not mythological, even not metaphorical. But the told setting is where wealth is hidden in the mud. So, after getting information here tunnel carving is going on. For this people called it Jokkhopuri. We will become acquainted with them in proper time.

Nobody hopes that there will be the similarity in between historian for the real name of the king of Jokkhopuri. We only know that he has a nickname- Mokorraj. We will also know the real reason for this name. There is a curtain window in outside of the palace. Mokorraj comes and meets people when he wishes.  Thus the story goes forward on.

The cast of the play includes Nuna Afroz, Ananta Hira, Ramiz Raju, Awal Reza, Sarwar Alam Saikat and others.

Tickets will be available in front of the venue before the show. For advance tickets, interested audience can call to 01917136606.

Where: Mahila Samiti,Baily Road

When: 7pm, today