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Shahnaz Khushi admired for Eid dramas

Shahnaz Khushi admired for Eid dramas

Popular actress Shahnaz Khushi, who has already won the viewers’ hearts with her beguiling performance over the years, appeared in multiple dramas during the Eid-ul-Azha. The actress is receiving admiration from the viewers for her appearances in these dramas.

Receiving plaudits for the dramas like ‘Heavyweight Mizan’, ‘Join Family’, ‘Lekur Everest Joy’ and ‘25/2 Kathmandu Valley’ written by Brindaban Das, the actress is also getting positive responses for the drama ‘Kobul Bolilo Kay’ written by Sagar Jahan.

Known for appearing in the dramas with unique stories, mostly about family, Khushi always tries to work in the dramas based on wonderful stories.

Khushi said, “To tell the truth, acting is both my passion and profession. From the perspective of professionalism, I try to give my hundred percent honest efforts in my work. During this Eid, most of the drama I acted in told the stories of families. Keeping aside the usual love stories, our dramas tried to portray the family stories in a special way.”

“Frankly speaking, the drama written by Brindaban Das has a unique aspect. After appearing in the dramas, I personally received many phone calls as well as I was appreciated during my visits to different places in Eid,” the actress added. l

Photo courtesy l Mohsin Ahmed