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Second death anniversary of Nayak Raj Razzak today
DL DESK, Dhaka

Second death anniversary of Nayak Raj Razzak today

Today is the second death anniversary of Independence Award-winning legendary actor-director Abdur Razzak (23 January 1942 – 21 August 2017). He was also popularly known as ‘Nayak Raj’, a title given by Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury, the editor of magazine Chitrali.

Born in Naktala of South Kolkata, Razzak’s parents were Akbar Hossain and Nisarunnesa. He and his family fled to Dhaka as refugees during the Calcutta communal violence in 1966. In Dhaka, he found work at Abdul Jabbar Khan’s Iqbal Films, and assisted in Kamal Khan’s Ujala.

Razzak won the Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Actor five times for his roles in the films ‘Ki Je Kori’ (1976), ‘Ashikkhito’ (1978), ‘Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo’ (1982), ‘Chandranath’ (1984) and ‘Jogajog’ (1988).

He was awarded the Independence Day Award in 2015 by the Government of Bangladesh.

Razzak’s first big break in cinema came with his role in Zahir Raihan’s ‘Behula’ (1966). Subsequently, he went on to make more than 300 appearances in Bengali and Urdu movies.

Razzak’s major breakthrough in movies was his performance in Salahuddin’s ‘Tero Nombor Feku Ostagar Lane’. He acted in other movies like ‘Neel Akasher Nichey’, ‘Maynamati’, ‘Moner Moto Bou’, ‘Swaralipi’, ‘Osru Diye Likha’, ‘Jibon Theke Neya’, ‘Obujh Mon’,  ‘Pichdhala Path’, ‘Abirbhab’, ‘Taka Ana Pai’, ‘Rongbaj’, ‘Alor Michhil’, ‘Chandranath’, ‘Shubhoda’, ‘Rajlokkhi Shrikanto’, ‘Je Agune Puri’, ‘Dwip Neva Nai’, ‘Ashikkhit’,  ‘Chutir Ghanta’ and others.

Making his directorial debut with the film ‘Ananta Prem’ in 1977, he eventually directed more than fifteen movies in his career.