POST TIME: 20 August, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Four alleged militants arrested in capital

Four alleged militants arrested in capital

Members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) yesterday arrested four suspected members of a militant gang named ‘Allahar Dal’ from Hatirjheel area in the capital.

According to RAB, the organisation is also seeking to hire retired personnel from armed forces or sacked members of various organisations online as well as at rural levels.

The outfit was established in 1995 at the leadership of Motin Mehedi who has many other allies and helped JMB execute the Series Bob Blasts in 2004.

Rapid Action Battalion Legal and Media Wing Director Lieutenant Colonel Emranul Hasan disclosed the information yesterday at a media briefing held at Karwan Bazar in the capital and said on late Sunday (Aug 18) night, RAB-03 detained four alleged militants of Allahar Dal.

Those arrested are Ibrajit Ahmed Hero, 46, Abdul Aziz, 50, Md Shafiqul Islam Suruj, 38, and Md Rashidul Islam, 28. During primary interrogation, the suspects had claimed themselves to be members of Allahar Dal or Allahar Sarkar and revealed other important information, said the RAB official.

Motin Mehedi parted from JMB when it began to lose its organisational strength due to the crackdown of law enforcement agencies on militant units but the outfit began regrouping after Mehedi was arrested in 2007. The outfit currently operates through an organogram similar to that of the country’s administration or hierarchy followed by armed forces. It is actively involved in recruiting members online and at the grassroots levels. The suspects had also revealed that it had been planning to snatch its leader Mehedi Motin from the law enforcement agencies when he would be taken to court on a prison van, Emranul said.

Ibrajit had revealed that he was acting as the Acting Taroka, a rank equivalent to an amir, of Allahar Dal in absence of the outfit’s Taroka.