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Crop damage by floods minimal
Says Agriculture Minister Razzaque

Crop damage by floods minimal

Crop loss in the recent floods was very little this year as there were no major standing crops during the deluge. Flood waters have damaged some seedbeds, jute and vegetables, causing a loss below Tk. 100 crore. Agriculture minister Abdur Razzaque revealed this while exchanging post-Eid greetings at the secretariat yesterday. “There was no major crop loss during the floods. Though some seedbeds were damaged, flood waters didn’t affect Amon cultivation,” the  minister told reporters after the meeting.

The ministry concerned has already allocated Tk. 120 crore as incentive for the flood-hit farmers to recover the losses, Razzaque said. “We have already sent seeds and fertilisers to prepare seedbeds at the field level. The weather condition is still viable for Amon cultivation. We believe our target to produce Amon will be fulfilled this year,” he added. The government will provide all possible assistance to farmers so that they can recover their losses, he promised.

Those who will not be able to undertake Amon cultivation will be provided with seeds and fertilisers to produce Robi crops, the agriculture minister said.

According to the minister, the agriculture ministry has decided to give seeds of Rabi crops like maize, potato and beans to farmers so that they could recover their losses.

The department concerned has already sent seeds of beans (mash kalai) to enable farmers to cultivate this crop immediately after flood waters recede, Razzaque said.

He also said he has already directed field-level officers to

asses rehabilitation work on the basis of losses.  He also directed the department concerned to submit its report before the ministry within the next three working days.

“Once, our agriculture and crops were dependent on rainwater. Now, the cultivation and crop patterns have changed. Boro is now our main crop. At least, two crore tonnes of rice is produced from Boro,” the agriculture minister said.

A huge amount of water is needed to produce Boro crop and that source happens to be groundwater, he explained. “Only rainwater is unable to recharge these huge quantities of groundwater. So, flood waters are also needed to recharge the groundwater level,” he added. Referring to the Prime Minister, Razzaque said: “There will be no shortage of funds for agriculture.  The Prime Minister has said more funds will be given to farmers, if needed.” Terming BNP leader Moudud Ahmed as a ‘genius evil’, the agriculture minister said: “Moudud is the evil mind of this era. He didn’t hold any trial of the killers of Bangabandhu despite being a law minister of that time.”Moudud even stopped the trial process by enacting a new law, alleged Razzaque.