POST TIME: 22 June, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Pry teacher recruitment test
About 100 fail to attend test
Staff Reporter, Barishal

About 100 fail to  attend test

About 100 applicants for the posts of assistant teachers in government primary schools could not attend recruitment examination at Govt Barishal College centre, where 1900 applicants were scheduled to sit for a written test, yesterday due to clash with police.

Assistant Commissioner of Kotwali Police Station Rasel Ahmed said the clash ensued at about 10 am when some applicants, who came out late at the examination  centre, want to enter the centre breaking rules. Police tried to send them back, but the applicants tried to enter the centre breaking the gate. Police then charged baton on them and dispersed the candidates.  Some the examinees said they faced delay due to transport crisis on the road as it was raining.

About 32000 applicants sat for written test in government primary school teachers recruitment examination under Barishal district.