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Plant more trees
Trees not only provide oxygen, but also beautify the environment

Plant more trees

The Prime Minister has urged all to plant and nurture saplings in their respective workplaces and houses with a view to protecting the environment. She has asked all who are in schools, colleges, offices and courts to plant some saplings in their respective workplaces and houses. This we believe is a must in a country where tree cover is depleting fast. In every country, ideally there should be 25 per cent tree coverage Bangladesh have less than one third of that. Trees and plants are the prime source of environmental purification and beautification. Trees inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, reduce temperature and create a healthy effect, both physically and psychologically, on human beings.

Deforestation is resulting in global warming. Trees not only provide oxygen, but also beautify the environment.  A large number of people are still chopping down trees to use wood as fuel to cook food.

A good number of highways of Bangladesh are being widened into four lanes. Rebuilding of these roads will reduce travelling time, improve traffic safety and reduce emissions from unwanted petrol burning.  It is very unfortunate that the authorities do not aim to achieve multi-benefits from tree plantation. Plantation of native fruits and the flowering plants would improve the roadside aesthetic value, the ecosystem and biodiversity. It will also prevent soil erosion. Flowering trees around four-lane highways would impress many with their brilliant and beautiful colours.

One of the major constraints to forestry development in Bangladesh is the shortage of adequate manpower, the logistics and infrastructure is also inadequate and old. This has resulted in shortage of accommodation for the field staff and dilapidated the conditions of the existing buildings. Since forestry operations take much longer time to provide return on investment when it is compared to other sectors, investment in this sector does not receive priorities over other sectors of investment.In order to get rid of the above mentioned problems, forest conservation should get attention like agriculture, fishery and livestock. The forestry sector should be given due place in the national planning and resource allocation process. Under no circumstances forest land should be relinquished for any non-forestry use.

Bangladesh should take tree plantation as a top priority to save the country from natural disasters and increase food production. Bangladesh should awake before irreversible damage is done.