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Shariatpur-Chandpur regional highway in sorry state
‘Some unauthorised vehicles are patronised by powerful political leaders. As a result, we can’t take action against them’

Shariatpur-Chandpur regional highway in sorry state

This recent photo shows a portion of 30-km road from Bhedarganj to Norsinghapur in Shariatpur district. The road has been left unrepaired for a long time, causing sufferings to hundreds of people. Independent photo

The 30-km-long Shariatpur-Chandpur regional highway from Bhedarganj to Narsinghapur Ferry ghat is in a sorry state. The deplorable condition of this road is hampering the movement of vehicles.

This highway has not seen any repair work in the last five years. Water-filled potholes and cracks all over the road are a cause of worry for drivers as well as pedestrians. Truck drivers Kashem Khan, Azizul Haq, Momin Ali and Kolom Ali said they it is risky to drive vehicles on this road.

Besides, the Shariatpur-Atong road, Shariatpur-Janjira road, Shariatpur-Burirhat road, Damudya-Gosairhat road, Sakhipur-Gosairhat road, Naria-Janjira road, Ghorishar-Bhedarganj road, Bhedarganj-Sakhipur road and Bhedarganj-Damudya road are also in a poor state. No step has been taken to repair these important roads.

On the other hand, makeshift shops have mushroomed beside these roads. As these structures are built on pavements and the main road, they are often the reason behind fatal accidents. The local administration has failed to evict these unauthorised shop.

Also, three-wheelers are plying on these roads without caring a bit for traffic rules and licences. Most of these do not have licences. The police administration did not take any action against the playing of these unauthorised vehicles on the roads.

When conducted, Md Selim Azad Khan, former executive engineer of the Shariatpur LGED, said: "Some unauthorised vehicles damage these roads.

We tried to stop these vehicles, but all our efforts went in vain."

Md Helal, traffic police inspector at Shariatpur, said: "Unauthorised vehicles are patronised by powerful political leaders. As a result, we can’t take action against them."