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Public hearing on cell phone services
Even BTRC officials ‘unhappy as service-takers’
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

Even BTRC officials ‘unhappy as service-takers’

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) officials themselves as service-takers are not satisfied with their telecom service quality. Officials of the BTRC came up with their gloomy introspection in a public hearing held at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB) auditorium in the capital yesterday.

Md Jahurul Haque, chairman of BTRC and also president of public hearing, said he is not satisfied with the telecom service quality even as a customer. “The technologies are changing gradually. It will be continued in future. Every technical problem has a solution and we will manage it,” he said.

For the second time, telecom regulator organised the public hearing as it received about 1,600 complaints from 165 registered entities and a good number of those were also present there. During the hearing, phone users of different operators complained about several problems of telecom services including radiations, expiry of date of different internet packages, fraud of Wimax operator and the officials of the telecom regulator replied the queries.

However, Jahurul said BTRC is going to use social media platforms like Facebook, Viber etc, to receive complaints from the customers. “We always entertain complaints and that will help us to iron out the issues and thus improve the service quality,” he said.

BTRC director general Mahfuzul Karim Mazumder said that they have conducted radiation tests in three places including Jamalpur. The results of the tests proved that radiation from the towers is bellow approved international level and there is nothing to worry. “The rate of radiation in mobile phone is higher than tower,” he added.

“The operators and TowerCo are working about the sharing of tower across the country,” he said.

BTRC chairman said currently their complaint number (100) work only during office hours. However, it has been decided that the complaint centre will operate round-the-clock, even on holidays, he said.

“We have received several complaints and some of the troubles were shot immediately.  Rest of the complaints will be dealt with very soon,” he said.