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Ishita gets positive response for ‘Amar Obhiman’

Ishita gets positive response for ‘Amar Obhiman’

After releasing her new original song titled ‘Amar Obhiman’ on G-Series official YouTube channel recently, audience-admired actress and singer Rumana Rashid Ishita has been receiving positive response for her unique rendition from all corners, mostly from her fans and audiences.

The lyric of the song is written by eminent lyricist, composer and singer Lutfor Hasan, while the music arrangement of the song has been done by Shahriar Alam Marcell. Manju Ahmed has made the music video of the song.

DhakaLive has news that the song ‘Amar Obhiman’ was released on May 31 on YouTube on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr. The music video has already garnered 273,156 views till yesterday (at the time of writing this report).

Ishita said about her new song, “I have been receiving positive response for ‘Amar Obhiman’. I did not have any clue that such a song would grab the audience’s attention on a large scale. I am enjoying a little unique happiness for the feedback I am receiving so far for my song.”

“I am grateful to everyone for the success of my song. I would like to express my gratitude to Lutfor Hasan, Shahriar Alam Marcell and Manju Ahmed. I also like to convey my sincere thanks to everyone-related to G-Series. Because of all these wonderful people, the listeners can enjoy the song”, she added further.

‘Amar Oviman’ is Ishita’s second song after her break from the music industry for quite a long hiatus of 16 years. The singer returned with the song ‘Tomar Janalay’, which saw its release on the official YouTube channel of Channel i on October 11 last year.

Ishita’s notable albums include ‘Raat Nijhum’, ‘Bhulonoa Amay’ and ‘Kulsum’, among others.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed