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SSC exam results

SSC exam results

It is encouraging to note that a total of 82.20 per cent students have passed the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent examinations this year under 10 education boards across the country, showing a 4.43 per cent rise in the pass percentage from last year. The results published on Monday also show that 105,594 students secured the highest grade point average (GPA-5) this year. Data shows that the girls are ahead with 2.15 percentage points more than the boys. The girls outnumbered the boys in terms of GPA-5 this year too. Under the Madrasa Education Board, both the pass rate and the number of GPA-5 scorers marked a rise in the Dakhil exams this year.

Among the 10 education boards, the Rajshahi Education Board secured the top position with a 91.64 per cent pass rate. The pass rate of Dhaka board decreased than that of last year but the other seven boards witnessed significant increases. However, the number of GPA 5 achievers in the eight boards were fewer than that of the last year (94,556 against 1,02,845) which is also a four-year low. Poor performance in mathematics is responsible for that. ‘Tough questions’ in mathematics, according to many students, played havoc with the results of students, particularly those belonging to humanities and business studies groups.

We congratulate the successful students, particularly the girls, for their outstanding performance and hope they will continue this trend. At the same time we wish the students who failed to work hard and prepare better to achieve good results in the next exam. Passing the first major academic threshold of life is always memorable. Now the students will have to struggle for admission into good colleges to pursue future studies. Careful monitoring of exam room, attentive evaluation plus testing of creativity are welcome since education is not just about the certificate but about learning in a manner congruent to current day global pedagogical trends.

On the other hand, though many students, who show considerable promises in secondary and higher secondary levels, fail to deliver in their tertiary level. This setback warrants remedy. Students should also pay attention to extra-curricular activities. The parents and guardians will have to play their due roles in moulding the future careers of the students.