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Prices up despite warning

Prices up despite warning

Prices of daily essentials, meat in particular, have gone up despite warnings not to charge more than the prices fixed by the authorities concerned. Although the price of beef was fixed at Tk 525 per kg, it is being sold for Tk 550 or more in different kitchen markets in the capital.

Consumers complained that they are buying meat at higher prices. Even the prices of other essential items also went up at different markets of the capital compared to last week. The prices have increased by Tk 5-10 per kg. But sellers said the administration fixed prices of all kinds of meat without consulting them. So, they are failing to follow the prices fixed by the authorities. They said the authorities should have increased the prices, but the opposite has been done.

The Dhaka North City Corporation Mayor, Atiqul Islam, said action would be taken against persons responsible by mobile courts.

He said he has received complains that meat is being sold at higher prices. The Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) on Monday fixed the price of beef at Tk. 525 per kg and that of mutton Tk. 750 for

Ramadan. The DSCC authorities had fixed the price of beef at Tk. 450 a kg last year.  Buffalo meat price has been fixed at Tk. 480, which was Tk. 420 last year, and lamb meat Tk. 650, the same as last year.

But visiting some kitchen markets in the capital, it was found that beef price soared to Tk 600/kg from Tk 530-550 last week. Mutton is sold for Tk 800 against the price fixed at Tk 750

Even the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) recorded a hike of 8.0-12 per cent in beef price in just two days.

At Shahjahanpur kitchen market, “Khalil Gosto Bitan” was selling beef at Tk. 550, but the price list shows Tk. 525.

Rasel, a seller, said: “We are selling at Tk. 550. We will incur a loss if we sell below it.”

Beef was selling for Tk.550-570 at Mirpur kitchen market.

A consumer said he bought beef at Tk, 570 from the Mirpur kitchen market in the morning. When he asked the seller about the high price,  he was told that the price of cow is high.

The price of beef was high even at the Meradia Haat, where it was being sold at Tk. 540 and mutton Tk. 750.

The Dhaka South City Corporation mayor, Syed Khokon, said five mobile teams are monitoring the market and action would be taken if anybody sells meat at higher prices.

The Directorate of National Consumers’ Right Protection conducted a drive at a number of shops in Khilgaon and fined three traders for irregularities.

The Director General of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Banjir Ahmed, warned that stern action would be taken against dishonest traders.

This correspondent visited different kitchen markets of the capital, like Karwan Bazar, Jatrabari, Khilgaon, Mirpur and Farmgate. Brinjal was being sold at Tk. 90-Tk100, bitter gourd Tk. 40, patal Tk. 35-40, gourd per piece Tk. 60-70, Okra Tk. 40-50, kidney beans Tk. 35-40, chilli Tk. 60-70, cucumber Tk, 50-60, lentils Tk. 100-120, ginger Tk. 140 and garlic Tk. 120.

Prices of different types of fish have also gone up after commencement of Ramadan.

Chicken price is also up compared to last week. Prices of broiler and layer chicken rose by Tk 5-10 per kg. Broiler chicken was selling at Tk. 160-165 a kg, and layer Tk. 195-210 a kg in different markets.

Prices of daily commodities have risen in different parts of the country as well.

In Bogura, the price of lentils has gone up by Tk. 20 per kg, and beef is being sold at Tk. 540-560 per kg. Even prices of onion and garlic have increased.

In Barishal, prices of brinjal, cucumber and chill have risen by Tk. 10-20 per kilo.

Government sources said the market is being keenly watched, so that no one can increase prices of daily commodities during Ramadan.

RAB, police and other law enforcement agencies are monitoring the market.

While visiting different markets,  DSCC mayor Syed Khokon said stern action would be taken against persons responsible for adulterating food during Ramadan.