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Handmade puffed rice much in demand during Ramadan
Our Correspondent, Tangail

Handmade puffed rice much in demand during Ramadan

Hand-prepared puffed rice (muri) is a much sought-after delicacy of this district. It is one of the most important items of iftar.

Sources say hand-prepared 'muri' is largely produced in this district, especially in Kalihati upazila. It is largely prepared in Narandia, Maishta, Nagorbari, Doulotpur and Lohuria villages of this upazila. About 700 families of the five villages earn their livelihoods from the trade, which is very competitive.

Many people have left the profession as they could not cope with the competition offered by machine-made puffed rice. High prices of the main ingredients needed to make muri is another challenge.

About 400 maunds of 'muri' are sold every day from the five villages. Materials like rice, salt, sand, clay pots (khola), ‘zanjoir’, bamboo-made ‘chakni’, jute stick, and firewood are necessary for making muri.

Laxmi Rani Modok, a resident of Doulotpur village, said: "We prepare puffed rice from 3am to 9am. We manage our livelihood from the income of this trade. Machine-made puffed rice is available in the market. Yet our hand-prepared 'muri' is more delicious. This is our inherited trade."

Swapan Kumar, another involved in the trade, said: "We collect paddy for frying 'muri' 20-25 days ahead of Ramadan. We start preparing puffed rice three to four days ahead of Ramadan. We sell one maund of puffed rice for Tk. 3,300."

Promela Begum, a resident of Maistha village, said: "Prices of salt and firewood have increased. It is difficult to cope with machine-made 'muri', which is sold for  Tk. 50-60 a kg." She lamented the absence of any government help.