POST TIME: 2 April, 2019 10:27:43 AM
‘Family Crisis’ set to start airing from tonight
Selim and Runa to appear as couple
DL reporter

‘Family Crisis’ set to start airing from tonight

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed

A new family drama serial titled ‘Family Crisis’, directed by Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz, is set to start airing on NTV from tonight.

National Film Award-winning actor Shahiduzzaman Selim and versatile actress Runa Khan will be seen playing as a couple in the drama serial.

Earlier appeared as a couple and siblings multiple times in various dramas, the new drama serial will present the duo in a new way, the director of the drama informed.

Alongside the artiste duo, ‘Family Crisis’ also casts Sharmili Ahmed, Rozy Selim, Munira Yousuf Memy, Munira Mithu, Shabna Faria, Shamim Hasan, Mithila, Sanjana Sarkar Riya, Sarika Sabah and child artiste Raisa, among others, in different roles.

Shahiduzzaman Selim said about the drama serial, “The story of Raz’s ‘Family Crisis’ is really wonderful. While working in the drama serials, we notice in many of the cases that a scene without any reason gets larger. But it did not happen to this drama serial. Rather, Raz directed the drama serial with utmost care. As the story is beautiful, I am hopeful about the drama that the viewers will like it.”

Working for the first time with director Raz, Runa Khan said, “This is for the first time that I have worked with Mostafa Kamal Raz. I found his unit was well-organised, which made me pleased working here. Besides, Shahiduzzaman Selim is one of the renowned actors in the country’s acting industry. And, working with him is always pleasurable and also an achievement for me.”

“In this drama serial, a newbie actress named Sarika Sabah has acted and she performed really well. I am really optimistic about the drama serial made with the stories taken from our daily life”, the actress added to express her optimistic views about novice Sarika and drama serial.

Written by Maruf Rehman, the drama serial ‘Family Crisis’ will be aired every Tuesday to Thursday at 9:40pm on NTV.