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BAF to strengthen helicopter simulator training institute

BAF to strengthen helicopter simulator training institute

As part of strengthening the activities of the Bangladesh Air Force (BAF), the force is going to fortify the Helicopter Simulator Training Institute by creating 44 posts in different categories, government sources have said. The Public Administration Ministry has given approval to create the posts.

Of the 44, one post of Commandant with the status of Group Captain would be created to run the training institute as its chief. One post of Adjutant, three instructors for flying training squadron and ground training squadron, one system administrator, one technical officer and one post of officer-in-charge would be created for the institute. Seven Squadron Leaders would be appointed to fill up the seven posts.

Besides, one post of chief instructor, one chief technical officer and one post of chief support officer with the status of Wing Commander would be created for the training institute.

On the other hand, eight posts of Junior Commissioned Officer with the status of Master Warrant Officer/Senior Warrant Officer/Warrant Officer would be created.  

Already the Ministry of Public Administration has given approval to creating the 44 posts with some conditions by issuing a letter signed by a deputy secretary of the ministry recently.

In the letter, the ministry advised that approval be taken from the Finance Ministry and from the Secretary Committee on Administrative Improvement Affairs.

At present, the BAF is conducting 13 courses and training programmes for officers and other ranks. The Directorate of Air Training is co-ordinating with different agencies and conducting the courses and training programmes, according to the website of the BAF.

Of the courses, the BAF Academy is conducting the Basic Flying Course and Basic Helicopter Conversion Course for two years and two weeks, respectively.

The Operational Helicopter Squadron of the BAF is conducting a 40-week Advance (Operations) Helicopter Flying Course; the Flying Instructors’ School is conducting a 24-week Qualified Flying Instructors’ (QFI) Course; the BAF Academy is conducting a 26-week Jet Conversion Course and the Flight Safety Institute is conducting a 10-week Flight Safety Officers’ (FSO) Course.