POST TIME: 11 October, 2015 07:04:17 PM / LAST MODIFIED: 11 October, 2015 07:20:43 PM
We all waiting to say goodbye to AL: Ershad
Staff Correspondent

We all waiting to say goodbye to AL: Ershad

The people are waiting for that moment when the Awami League (AL)-led 14-Party Grand Alliance will bid farewell to power, Jatiya Party (JP) chairman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s special envoy HM Ershad said on Sunday.

“We’re waiting to say goodbye to the AL. Nobody praises the rule of the AL government. Everybody wants the AL to leave power,” said Ershad while talking to JP Rangpur divisional representatives at the Banani party office in the city.
He urged all party leaders and activists to utilise the opportunity, saying that they would otherwise face a challenge of survival.
He said the popularity of the ruling AL is at “level zero”. “No one is our friend. We’re our own friends. We should work together to strengthen the party. Only then, the people will run after the JP,” he added.
The former military ruler said there is no democracy in the country. “The country is now going through a phase of anarchy (Jahliat). There is no security and good governance here,” he added.
The JP chairman alleged that the AL-led government is getting rid of meritorious officers by politicising the administration. “The JP has never politicised the administration. We want to establish good governance in the country once again,” the former president claimed.
Ershad said the people do not want to see either the AL or the BNP in power, as the latter has already lost its political as well as organisational strength. He added that the JP will come to power next by allotting competent candidates at the grassroots level.