POST TIME: 19 January, 2019 00:00 00 AM
People getting organised, warns Dr Kamal
UNB, Dhaka

People getting organised, warns Dr Kamal

Accusing the ruling party of 'hijacking' people's voting rights, Ganaforum president and Jatiya Oikyafront senior leader Dr Kamal Hossain yesterday warned that those involved in it will not be spared. "Not only a farce in the name of election took place but also a grand robbery of the vote took place across the county. No one said the election was held in a fair manner," he said.

Dr Kamal further said those involved in such activities have not been elected. "People's voting rights have been hijacked after hijacking the state. I want to warn them no one will be spared."

He came up with the remarks while exchanging views at Ganaforum's Arambagh central office with party leaders and activists who worked in favour of Oikyafront candidate for Dhaka-6 in the December-30

election. Those who rigged votes in the national election, in fact, disrespected Bangabandhu and his colleagues who sacrificed their lives for the country' independence.

Dr Kamal urged the country's people to get united and raise their voice against the national election "forgery".

He also accused the ruling party men of plundering thousands of crores of public money. "We've seen many autocrats but no one of them could facially survive. People repeatedly taught the autocrats and exploiters," he said.

Dr Kamal urged the ruling party men to refrain from plundering public wealth and quit power immediately.

He also alleged that the people of an independent country were left in a helpless condition. "This absolutely temporary. People are getting organised," he added.