POST TIME: 19 January, 2019 00:00 00 AM
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40,000 teachers likely to fill vacant posts
Staff Reporter, Dhaka

40,000 teachers likely 
to fill vacant posts

The Non-Government Teachers Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) will recommend the recruitment of around 40,000 teachers to fill vacant posts in non-government educational institutions in February. NTRCA sources said scrutiny of the applications was about to be completed and the list of eligible candidates would be published any time this month to start the appointment process.

NTRCA will notify the successful candidates through SMS about their appointment to the respective educational institutions, sources said.

Besides, the management of the educational institutions would be notified through SMS and letters about the successful candidates in order to make arrangements for their appointments.

The successful candidates would be asked to join their respective workplaces within 30 days, NTRCA sources said. If anybody

does not join the workplace within the given time, other candidates from the next merit list would be asked to join the vacant post, they added.

On December 18 last year, NTRCA issued an advertisement for the appointment of 39,535 teachers in non-government schools, colleges, madrasas and technical educational institutions across the country.

The sources said around 30 lakh candidates had applied online for the vacant posts from December 19, 2018 till January 2. The applicants included the successful candidates from the first to the 14th NTRCA.

NTRCA did not have any fixed age limit for recruitment. However, the High Court on December 14, 2017 had directed the government to fix the age limit of the candidates at entry level.

Last year, the education ministry fixed the age limit at 35.

From now on, NTRCA will follow the given age limit necessary for the recruitment of candidates to non-government educational institutions.

The sources said the recruitment of teachers to the non-government educational institutions has become imperative because of the dire crisis of teachers, especially in major subjects like English, mathematics and science.

NTRCA hopes that the upcoming recruitment in February will tide over the crisis of teachers to some extent.