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Govt creates congenial atmosphere in country
BSS, Dhaka

Govt creates congenial atmosphere in country

Prime Minister’s political advisor HT Imam yesterday said the present government has been making constant stride to create a congenial atmosphere in the country so that people of every religion can live and prosper together in Bangladesh.  “Everyone will live and prosper together in Bangladesh as ‘religious togetherness’ is the spirit of our state and the ideology of Bangabandhu, where observation of religious rituals is considered as a personal affair. But, religious festivity is open for everybody to share,” he said.

HT Imam said this while addressing a function as the chief guest at Dhaka Ramakrishna Mission (RKM) on the occasion of unveiling Vivekananda Sculpture on the premises of newly constructed Vivekananda Bhaban and the foundation laying ceremony of students’ dormitory.  “Bangabandhu always had told that secularism is not atheism and tried to free the nation form

fanaticism.  If we can defeat the religious conflict, we will be able to build a developed nation with the participation of the people from all strata, making the whole nation benefited,” he said.

General Secretary of Ramakrishna Math and Mission, Belur Math of India, Swami Suvirananda unveiled the sculpture while Justice Soumendra Sarker, Asim Kumar Ukil, MP, and Acting Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka Dr Adarsh Swaikaattended the function as special guests.

Assistant General Secretary of RKM Belur Math Swami Tattwavidanda, Swami Jyotirupananda of Moscow, Russia, and general secretary of RKM Dhaka Swami Drubeshananda, among others, spoke. Pointing out the present government’s support to all religious minorities, HT Imam said: “Our love for you is not a ‘showy’ matter, but it’s derived from very core of our heart.