POST TIME: 13 January, 2019 00:00 00 AM
Rajshahi division to produce 33.17 lakh tonnes of Boro rice
BSS, Rajshahi

Rajshahi division to produce 33.17 lakh tonnes of Boro rice

Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) has set a target of producing 33.17 lakh tonnes of Boro rice from 8.11 lakh hectares of land in eight districts of Rajshahi division in the current season.

To this end, the DAE has fixed the target of bringing 41,838 hectares of land under seedbed preparation activities, SM Mustafizur Rahman, Additional Director of DAE, told the news agency yesterday.

The marginal farmers were provided necessary fertilizers like Di-ammonium Phosphate (DAP) and Murat of Potash (MoP) as incentives to facilitate smooth Boro paddy farming.

Agriculturist Rahman said steps have been taken to ensure smooth Boro rice cultivation this season. The farming is going on in full swing across the region as they are optimistic of harvesting the crop early, he added.

Meanwhile, the farmers have started transplantation of Boro paddy seedling to make the intensive farming programme of the major cereal crop successful in the current season.

“I have already cultivated Boro on two bighas of land this season”, said Lokman Hossain, a farmer in Mohadebpur upazila, adding, “I will bring some six bighas of land under the farming within a very short time.”

The DAE has distributed some 20 kg seeds of Boro rice, 20 kg DAP and 10 kg MoP fertilisers free of cost to each farmer.

President of Water Management Association of Paba Nurul Amin said, “The farmers of my area are now busy in Boro cultivation. I am cultivating Boro on six-bigha of land when I cultivated only three-bigha last year.

Abdullah Heel Kafi, Regional Agriculture Information Officer, says the DAE and other agriculture-related organisations, Power Development Board and Rural Electrification Board are ensuring smooth supply of seed, fertilizers and electricity to the farmers to ensure smooth Boro paddy cultivation.

Kafi expected that the farmers would largely adopt conservation agriculture technologies in farming Boro paddy to increase its output reducing lifting of underground water, saving electricity and improving environment.

He added that the farmers were imparted training on how to adopt conservation agriculture technologies like Alternate Drying and Wetting irrigation method at a larger scale while farming Boro paddy to save irrigation water for increasing Boro paddy output at reduced costs.