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Broccoli cultivation

Broccoli cultivation

It is heartening to note that cultivation of broccoli, a non-conventional winter vegetable, has gradually been gaining popularity in the country. Side by side with other conventional winter vegetables, it is seen appearing in the markets everyday bringing diversity in the vegetable markets both wholesale and retail ones. Broccoli is a winter vegetable with high nutritional content. It is full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

During the last few years the country witnessed a spurt in vegetable production. Production of vegetables has increased five times after the liberation of the country. Bangladesh now holds third position in terms of vegetable production in the world. There was a time when consumers had to wait for tasty vegetables till winter. Gourd, tomato, cauliflower and various leafy vegetables were available in the market only during the winter season. Summer was a lean season for vegetables. But the scenario has changed during the last few years. Now 20 to 25 varieties of vegetables are available almost all the year round. Farmers are cultivating these vegetables throughout the year and are reaping the benefits.

Consumption of vegetables has also increased by 25 per cent during the last few years. The boost in vegetable production will cover the nutritional needs of increasing number of people in the country. But boost in production is not everything. The growers and the consumers will have to be benefited from it. Since vegetable is a perishable commodity, it has to be preserved properly. If growers do not get due prices of their produce, they will be frustrated. In that case, bumper output will be a bane for them instead of boon. If cold storages are set up in different areas of the country, farmers will be able to preserve their vegetables and sell them at good prices.

 On the other hand, due to lack of good transportation facility vegetables cannot reach the outlying areas and consumers do not get them at fair prices. If bank loan is available on easy terms and conditions, many will feel encouraged to set up cold storages. Nationalised commercial banks and other financial organisations can play a vital role in this regard. There is a great demand for Bangladeshi vegetables abroad. Export of vegetables can be increased for earning more foreign currencies.