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Self-efficacy, a vital personal resource at workplace
Prima Zaman

Self-efficacy, a vital personal resource at workplace

Self-efficacy is basically people's judgments of their capabilities to organize and execute courses of action required to attain designated types of performances. To build successful 21st century organizations, employees’ support is what we need. The world is changing every day. We are in a time when entire economies, organisations and industries are transforming. Organizations want employees to become more mature, accountable, and to drive change. Today’s world needs a generation of leaders who understand why change is important to the business and their accountability to implementing it.

So to be with the changes, employees should have willingness to positively accept the changes. Those employees who have a strong belief and are devoted to keep trying to attain their goals, easily accept any transformation and have all capabilities to be a leader.

That means employees with self-efficacy often perceive troubles as challenges to overcome, think strategically to solve difficulties, feel they are less vulnerable to stress and depression and display commitment to the activities they carry out, invest more time and effort in their daily activities and also recover more easily from failure.

Thus now-a-days it has become a most powerful personal resource at workplace. And every organization should think over their employee’s self-efficacy to be more successful. The higher the self-efficacy, the greater the effort, persistence and resilience would be. Employees with low self-confidence are unenthusiastic towards job and presuppose that targets are unachievable.

Low self-efficacy creates feeling of nervousness, tension and depression among employees. Low self-efficacious people underestimate their abilities to compete with other employees.

Organization should treat employee’s self-efficacy as one of important personal resources besides other resources. Self-efficacy affects every area of human endeavor. It’s time to have an understanding of the 21st century employee and why change is inevitable as it will start coming from the people of self-efficacy.

The writer is a student of MBA Programme,

North South University, Dhaka