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Dhaka International Folk Fest 2018
Raghu Dixit Project leaves audience spellbound
Afsana Asha, Dhaka

Dhaka International Folk Fest 2018

Raghu Dixit Project, a contemporary Indian folk band, left the audience spellbound on the second day of the Dhaka International Folk Fest held at the Bangladesh Army Stadium on Friday.

The Bangalore-based band is best known for taking inspiration from ancient Kannada poetry and presenting it around the world with a contemporary, but earthy sound.

From their colourful lungis, a take on their cultural heritage, to their rooted music, the band members have emerged as a stellar example of modern India.

This was on ample display as the troupe connected with the Dhaka audience through their ethnic songs and rhythmic body movements.

Raghupathi Dwarakanath Dixit, the frontman for the band, said, “This is the first time that I am in Dhaka and am very happy to be here. We are from a beautiful city called Bangalore. I would like to see some enthusiasm from you. We are a very, very happy band and we expect that people to get up from to seat and dance with us.”

Then, the band performed folk songs like ‘Jag Changa’, ‘Lokada Kalaji Madatheenanti’ and ‘Gudugudiya Sedi Nodo’, among others, from various genres.

Raghu Dixit Project was the third performer of the night, while the second day began with the Rajshahi-based band Swarobanjo taking the stage with the song ‘Janite Chai Doyaal Tomar Asol Naam Ta Ki’.

Performing for the first time at the Dhaka International Folk Fest, Swarobanjo then sang ‘Dekho Bhalo Jone Roilo’, ‘Shaal Brikher Moton’, ‘Kaindona Kaindona Konna’, ‘Indu Bala Go’, ‘Nishite Jaiyo Phulo Bone’ and other songs.

Swarobanjo is a folk fusion band that was formed in 2014. The present members comprise Boga Taleb, Ratul Sarkar, Asif Hasan Neloy, and Rupok Ahmed as vocalists, Shadiul Alom Jibon and Boga Taleb on flute/harmonica, Bana Ratna and Niloy on guitar, and Rupok Ahmed on bass.

After Swarobanjo, Majaz, a music band from Bahrain, mesmerized the audience with their unique sound and style. The band was formed in 2013 and consists of five musicians.

Following the performance by Raghu Dixit Project, Grammy Award-winning band Los Texmaniacs from USA created a buzz among the audience with their performances of Jazz, Blues and folk music.

The programme came to an end with the performance of folk queen Momtaz Begum. She presented the folk song ‘Ami Tai to Matir Gaan Gai’, Morshidi song ‘Doyal Ki Diya Bhojibo Tomare’, ‘Na Jani Kon Oporadhe’ from the movie ‘Sotta’, and others. She dazzled the audience with her songs ‘Bondhu Tui Local Bus’ and ‘Pankha Pankha Hoilo Mon’.

Momtaz Begum is a Bangladeshi singer and producer of Bengali folk music. She is also known as the Music Queen, who is popular for her unconventional lyrics. During her international career spanning two decades, she has recorded around 700 songs.

The title sponsor of the fourth edition of the Dhaka International Folk Fest 2018 is Meril, and the event is powered by Dhaka Bank Limited. The event is organised by Sun Communications Ltd in association with Grameenphone and supported by Radhuni.