POST TIME: 8 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
US to press Myanmar for safe return of Rohingyas

US to press Myanmar for safe return of  Rohingyas

The United States has said it will continue to press Myanmar to create the conditions necessary to allow safe, voluntary and dignified return of Rohingyas to their homes in Myanmar from Bangladesh, reports UNB. It also said they will continue to work closely with Bangladesh, UN agencies, and international partners to meet the urgent needs of the Rohingya. It's clear the crisis requires sustained efforts, said Earl Miller, nominee to be US Ambassador to Bangladesh at a hearing at Senate Committee on Foreign Relations recently. He, according to his statement, said Bangladesh faces significant challenges that they can work together to address in partnership.

One is the Rohingya crisis. The numbers are staggering with Bangladesh hosting nearly one million refugees from Rakhine State in Myanmar, he said. Miller said they are deeply appreciative of the generosity of the Bangladesh government and people who have opened their borders and hearts to a Rohingya community that has suffered greatly.

The United States, as always, is doing its part. We're the largest donor addressing this humanitarian crisis providing $204 million since August of last year. We're grateful for Congress' funding and continuing support, he said.