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Sajal, Aparna in ‘Krishnokolir Attokotha’
Sajal, Aparna

Sajal, Aparna in ‘Krishnokolir Attokotha’

Though popular small-screen actor Abdun Noor Sajal and National Film Award-winning actress Aparna Ghosh paired up in a very few number of projects, the duo’s each and every production together earned admiration from the viewers. Once again, Sajal and Aparna are going to appear together in a tele-drama.  Bringing the duo in the same frame, young TV drama maker Srabon Chakraborty Dipu has made the tele-drama ‘Krishnokolir Attokotha’

Scripted by Yusuf Bashar, the screenplay and dialogue of the tele-drama are written by the director himself.

DhakaLive has news that the shooting of ‘Krishnokolir Attokotha’ concluded in Betila zamindar house located in Manikganj recently.

About the plot of the story, director Dipu said, “Zaminadar’s son Pratul Zoadder (Sajal) falls in love with fisherman’s daughter Krishnokoli (Aparna). However, Pratul’s parents do not agree to this relationship. Being pressurised by her parents, Krishnokoli falls back from the relationship ultimately.”

“With the consent of Krishnokoli, her marriage is fixed with another man and Pratul was invited to the wedding. Before leaving, Krishnokoli takes blessing from Pratul. Later, Krishnokoli was nowhere to be found as she commits suicide after that”, the director added further.

Sajal said, “This is my first time working under Dipu’s direction. As a newbie director, he did this work in an organized manner. I have worked with Aparna in a few productions made with wonderful stories. She is one of my favourite artistes and I really enjoy working with her. I am hopeful that the audience will like ‘Krishnokolir Attokotha’”.

Aparna said, “Portraying the role of Krishnokoli was challenging. In extreme heat, we had to complete the shooting in Manikganj. Dipu has directed the drama well. I am optimistic about the project. I always feel comfortable to work with Sajal. He is such a co-artiste with whom I can share everything.”

Tele-drama ‘Krishnokolir Attokotha’ will be aired on a satellite TV channel soon, the director informed.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed