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‘Bengali Beauty’ to be released in China too
The film to see countrywide release September 21
DL desk

‘Bengali Beauty’ to be released in China too

With a lot of setbacks surrounding the release dates and other issues, ‘Bengali Beauty’--a Bangladeshi period romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Rahsaan Noor sets in the 70s-- is now going to be screened in about 100 cinemas in China after its US release. The film, dubbed in Chinese, will be released in four states of China early next year.

The discussion about releasing the film in China has been finalised in a meeting with the International Cultural Exchange Minister of China and director Rahsaan Noor recently.

On the other hand, after the initial release in one cinema hall in Bangladesh, the countrywide release date of ‘Bengali Beauty’ is now scheduled for September 21 this year.

The film stars American-Bangladeshi actor Rahsaan Noor as a radio jockey and young Bangladeshi model-actress Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya as a medical student.

However, Toya has made her big screen debut with ‘Bengali Beauty’.

Initially scheduled to release in Bangladesh on 9 February this year, ‘Bengali Beauty’ was banned by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board.

However, the film went on to release in the United States on February 16, and was praised for its screenplay, direction, music, and the performances of the lead actors, becoming the highest grossing Bengali language film of all-time at the United States Box Office. In June, the Bangladesh Appeal Board overturned the Censor Board’s ban.