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Egg prices high as farmers cut production
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Egg prices high as farmers cut production

Egg prices, which began to soar in August, are yet to come down. A dozen eggs now cost between Tk. 114 and 120 in the kitchen markets and super shops across the capital.

 Talking to The Independent, Taher Ahmed Siddiqui, president of the Bangladesh Egg Producers Association (BEPA), said the production cost of eggs was higher than the selling cost because of high prices of poultry feed and electricity costs.

In fact, these two factors were responsible for a fall in egg production, he added.

In the face of continuous losses, over 30,000 farms have shut down in the last three years. The owners were yet to recover from that blow, he said.

Hit by tight supply, egg prices jumped to Tk. 9.5 from Tk. 8 in retail markets in a month in most parts of the country, he noted.

This trend would continue in the coming months as egg production is likely to fall by 25–30 per cent this year, say traders.

Citing another reason, Taher said the supply chain had been disrupted by the flooding of a number of poultry farms across the country due to heavy rainfall.

“In the rainy season, the supply chain usually gets disrupted. Chickens become vulnerable to various diseases at this time of the year,” he explained.

According to the BEPA president, Dhaka requires about three crore eggs a day, whereas the average supply of eggs per day during the rainy season is not more than 2.5 crore. “So, with the increasing demand rises the price,” he said.

Ahmed also said the current production cost of eggs was Tk. 5–5.5 per piece and the wholesale price was Tk. 6–6.5. Many poultry farms reduced their production for the current year because they did not get good rates last year, he added.

Last December, egg prices at the wholesale level were below

Tk. 4.5 per piece in view of the high domestic output, while the cost of production had stood at Tk. 5 per piece, he said.

“From the current market scenario, we estimate that the annual production of eggs will be 25–30 per cent less this year,” he added.

Egg prices will go down within two to three months when vegetable and fish will be adequately available in the market, he said.