POST TIME: 7 September, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Kunming branch line of Yunnan oil pipeline goes into operation

Kunming branch line of Yunnan oil pipeline goes into operation

Workers open the valve of the the Kunming branch line. Photo by Zhu Danyunnangateway

At seven o'clock pm on August 30, No. 0 diesel oil transmitted from Anning, the starting point of the Yunnan refined oil pipeline, arrived at Kunming. After 32 hours of 'travel', this achievement marked the completion of an important support project associated with the China-Myanmar crude oil pipeline and the Yunnan refinery and chemical plant.

The Kunming branch line of the Yunnan oil pipeline has a total length of 80.9 kilometres and is expected to transmit 1.68 million tons of refined oil every year.

The Yunnan refined oil pipeline includes three trunk lines and one branch line. Namely, they include the Anning-Baoshan trunk line, the Anning-Mengzi trunk line, the Anning-Qujing trunk line and the Kunming branch line. The whole pipeline extends for nearly 1,000 kilometres and is capable of transmitting 7.21 million tons of refined oil annually. The three trunk lines were first put into operation in late 2017. They have cumulatively transmitted about 1.13 million tons of various oil products.

Upon its completion, the Kunming branch line will provide high-quality gasoline and diesel for central Yunnan while meeting more than 60 percent of kerosene demand from Kunming Changshui International Airport. In addition, the branch line will enrich oil distribution networks, promote the creation of a sales network and meet the province's demand for refined oil. It will benefit Sichuan Province and other surrounding areas as well.

The Sino-Myanmar oil and gas pipelines have also boosted the development of the Burmese petrochemical industry. They have satisfied Myanmar's domestic demand for energy, as Myanmar needs to import a large amount of diesel and gasoline every year. re country's economic development and bringing greater benefits for the people of Myanmar.