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Education for development

Education for development

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith while inaugurating recently the new academic building of Nurul Huda High School in Parbatipur upazila of Dinajpur district said that without education development of a nation is not possible. This is absolutely true. But we do not agree with him when he says that the present government puts maximum importance on education and has given the highest allocation for the education sector in the budget of the current fiscal. The minister’s words do not match the reality. The truth is education is continually neglected in Bangladesh as fund allocated for education is not the required four percentage of the GDP. It is even below two per cent in the current fiscal.

But education is one of the basic human rights as enshrined in Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But how many people enjoy this right in the country? The overall scenario in the educational arena in the country does not show much promise. The school dropout problem is a matter of grave concern. Quality education still eludes the children belonging to underprivileged classes. Leak of question papers in public examinations in the country is a disturbing phenomenon. Mushroom growth of coaching centres does not also speak of a healthy trend.   

Hundreds of schools in rural areas lack infrastructural facilities and competent teachers, hampering education. People from urban areas as well as from remote rural areas should enjoy the equal facility of education. There should not be any discrimination in matters of receiving quality education. But what is happening is frustrating. Ensuring educational rights to all children is vital to attain hundred per cent literacy targets.

The present government has announced a number of incentives, including midday meal and some financial incentives, to lure students to come to schools. More such measures are the demand of the day. The quality education should not be confined to a section of elite class rather it will have to be disseminated to the larger section of the people. The poor students should also have access to technical education equally.

Collective efforts of all concerned, especially teachers, guardians and community people are needed to improve quality of education in the country. The relevant authority should also pay attention to physical and mental development of children. Children should also be protected from violence and other abuses. But unless the government injects enough funds, the condition of country’s education would not be able to contribute to the development of the country.