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Identifying inferior colleges

Identifying inferior colleges

More than three hundred thousand students of SSC and equivalent exams have not taken admission to colleges. However, the Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Dhaka, has said that another chance will be given to the students to seek admission. The system of taking admission to colleges has changed and keeping the digital Bangladesh aspiration in mind, admission procedure is carried out online. Of almost sixteen lakh students, more than twelve lakh applied to HSC while more than eighty one thousand were not selected.

Details as to which colleges were preferred most by students along with the highest number admitted by one institution will come to light soon. As details are emerging, a disturbing fact states that outside Dhaka board, six colleges did not get any admission. This means students shunned these institutions, realising that either they do not offer quality education or, are dubious in nature. These institutions need to be identified swiftly. Once the colleges are found, the reasons as to why students decided to avoid them have to be ascertained followed by necessary action. If it’s discovered that these institutions are fraudulent then the authority has to shut them down to send a clear signal to all the other possible dodgy ventures using education as a medium.

Like many other countries, not all the students completing school opt for higher education. Many decide to pursue technical courses to enter employment early while a large number of students, facing financial difficulty, are compelled to put an end to education in search of a livelihood. At the same time, thousands decide to join different branches of the armed forces as soldiers. It’s the right an individual to choose what s/he wants to do after school but it’s the duty of the education authority to maintain an idea as to what happens to those who do not get admitted to college.

A survey carried out with the help of district level education structures can bring out the number and, if it’s discovered that a sizeable number of young people are forced to leave education to earn, then the country has the responsibility to provide support in the way of IT or technical training.