POST TIME: 6 July, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Fuxian Lake safe again for the “picky” fish

Fuxian Lake safe again for the “picky” fish

More than 500,000 schizothorax taliensis were released lately in the crystal clean Fuxian Lake, a plateau rift lake stretching out through Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning Counties in central Yunnan’s Yuxi City.

Schizothorax taliens isdubbed as the “elf of the jade pool”, is a unique species of fish living in Fuxian lake. They have slender bodies and strong reproductive capacity. Usually, the fish can grow to 20 centimeters long. In the 1970s, schizothorax taliensis was almost on the verge of extinction due to overfishing and invasion of alien species.

In recent years, Yuxi City has made tremendous efforts to protect the Fuxian Lake and the schizothorax taliensis. Among them, the annual release of the schizothorax taliensis is an important measure. Now, Fuxian Lake has become one of the Grade I freshwater lakes in China, which enables Schizothorax taliensis , the “picky” fish to live safely.