POST TIME: 22 June, 2018 00:00 00 AM
China’s reform and opening up benefits everyone

China’s reform and opening up benefits everyone

“I came on a shared bicycle. OFO and Didi are so convenient!” said Benjamin. “Yunnan and other provinces are developing rapidly. Every foreigner living here can feel it.”

Few people can tell that Benjamin is from India just by his skin colour and accent. “My father is Indian, and my mother is from Guangzhou, so I’m a Chinese-Indian person,” he said with a grin.

Benjamin came to Yunnan province in late 2012. Now he teaches business English at the Haiyuan Campus at Yunnan Normal University. He has witnessed the development of the province over the past few years. “Yunnan has been developing rapidly. The construction of high-speed railways, highways, airports and other infrastructure facilities are all going well,” Benjamin said excitedly. “My friends and I like to travel in Yunnan province. You can go almost everywhere by highway. I especially love small villages in the province. Whenever we go, villagers share with us their best things. Everyone is so hospitable here.”

As a university teacher, Benjamin hopes to promote exchanges between China and India. “Both China and India are promising countries. We should carry out more exchanges. Yunnan is close to India. In organizing exchange programmes, I hope Chinese students can go to India. I will also bring Indian students to Yunnan so that they can learn about China’s achievements in social and economic development. In this way, the two peoples can better understand each other.”

When the interview was over, Benjamin took out his mobile phone to hail a taxi. “China’s reform and opening up has benefited everyone. I enjoy living in Yunnan”, he said.