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RU residential teachers neglect hall work
Students allege  

RU residential teachers 
neglect hall work

The residential teachers of different dormitories of Rajshahi University (RU) are allegedly neglecting their duty. Students say most of these teachers come to the hall once or twice time a month, while some do not come even once in two or three months. Recently, several such teachers had to resign because of demonstration by female students, who alleged misbehaviour in Monnojan Hall and Rahmatunnesa Halls.

According to the university’s dormitory governance rule, residential teachers have to perform their duty as associates of the hall provost to ensure food quality and technical and technological facilities. They are also entrusted with making seat allotments and working as consultants for ensuring clean gardens.

Besides, they are supposed to look after the paper room, reading room, seminar room, library and gym. They are also supposed to help students in their study-related matters, ensure wifi connection, supply safe water and monitor the presence of students at night.

These teachers have to arrange hall reunion, alumni gathering, study tours, and inter-hall cricket, football, tennis, carom and chess competitions.

However, residential students allege that the duties of the resident teachers seem to be merely enumerated on paper with little to be seen in practice.

The teachers, on their part, say that there are no rules regarding their administrative and managerial responsibilities and the time they have to spend at the halls. A residential teacher of Monnojan Hall said said: “Not all men have the same quality and honesty. Some perform their duty with diligence, but also take certain advantages. It’s only natural.”

For their additional duty in dormitories, the residential teachers get a 5 per cent allowance money along with their basic salary, residential facilities and other benefits.

Some teachers are posted as residential teachers for four years by the vice-chancellor in consultation with the hall provost. Work is distributed according to the number of such teachers attached to a hall after discussion with the provost. Sources said a total of 72 residential teachers are posted in 17 different dormitories in four categories: provost, sub-chief, assistant and senior residential teachers.

Among them, there are four teachers each at Shar-e- Bangla Fazlul Hoque Hall, Shah Mukhdum Hall, Sayed Amir Ali Hall and Shaheed Sourawardi Hall, while Nabab Abdul Latif Hall, Shaheed Samsuzzoha Hall, Shahees Habibur Rahman Hall, Mader Bux Hall, Tapushi Rabeya Hall and Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Hall have five teachers each.

Motihar Hall, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mojibur Rahman Hall, Begum Rokeya Hall and Rahmatunnesa Hall have three teachers each. Besides, one teacher is is at Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Hall, six teachers are at Begum Khaleda Zia Hall and seven teachers are at Monnojan Hall.

Sheik Sadi, a residential student of Shah Mukhdum Hall, said: “We don’t know the residential teachers. They don’t know the general students. Normally, the hall provost is seen to maintain good relations with the ruling party to get facilities for the dormitory. But, in practice, they don’t arrange any facilities and avoid the students.”

Shawon Mahmud, a student of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mojibur Rahman Hall, said that he knows a few residential teachers, but they do not visit the hall on a regular basis.

He alleged that employees perform most of the internal work, while the teachers are hardly present in the dormitories.

Lucky Akthar, a student of Rahmatunnesa Hall, said: “Among the three residential teachers at our hall, two are regular visitors.They try their best to monitor and maintain hall facilities. But owing to limitations and negligence on the part of the university authorities, most of the facilities are absent in our dormitory.”

Prof. Dr Asrafuzzaman, provost of Bangabsndhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall, said: “Our residential teachers regularly come to the hall and perform their duty attentively. Besides, they care about students’ facilities as they were university students once.”

“I divide the day’s work between them. That’s why they come to the hall and work cordially with the students. Besides, no student of my hall has complained to me against the teachers in the two years that I am here,” he added.

RU Hall Council president Prof. Rubayat Yasmin said: “All activities are laid down in the routine. The teachers perform their duties with sincerity. That’s why they need not be present in the hall all the time. Besides, they are teachers of different departments and have to adhere to the departmental routine.”

“No written allegation has come from the students. If there is any complaint against them, we’ll resolve the problem through discussions,” she added.