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Docu-film ‘Abalamban’ gets govt grant
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Docu-film ‘Abalamban’ gets govt grant

‘Abalamban’ a film by Abid Hossain Khan  has won grant from the government in the fiscal year of 2018-19 as documentary film under the full-length film grants.

Information ministry announced names of the grants winning film scripts on Wednesday through an official notice.

For the documentary director will receive Tk 40,00,000. Written and directed by young filmmaker Abid Hossain Khan, the film has been produced by Rubaiyat Hossain.

The film ‘Abalamban’ has been made, based on recent Rohingya crisis. The film will show the journey of a 6-year-old daughter to find her father and pregnant mother who were separated while crossing border to escape persecution of Myanmar’s state machinery amongst the 650,000 recently displaced Muslim Rohingyas currently housed in refugee camps of coastal Bangladesh.

Since 25 August 2017, an estimated 6,55,000 to 7,00,000 Rohingya people have fled to Bangladesh to avoid ethnic and religious persecution by Myanmar’s security forces, and in August 26, director Abid Hossain went to the refugee camp and has done research on some of the Rohingya family. The film will revolve around a Rohingya family.

Ealier, director Abid Hossain has made a short film titled ‘Siddharthi Anusrito 20 choloman Drisya’ which was screened Rio DE Janeiro Kurta film festival in Brazil.