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Juvenile delinquency

Juvenile delinquency

We believe that the juvenile justice system should not just be about punishing crime; it should also concentrate on rehabilitating young offenders. Juvenile offenders often face the same punishments meted out to adult offenders because of fundamental weaknesses in the juvenile justice system. There are different processes to deal with juvenile and adult offenders, and that the absence of special juvenile courts is a travesty of justice. Civilised societies must recognise that reforming young offenders will benefit not only them but also communities by making them safe from crime.

The idea that a large number of our youth are engaged in violent crimes may shock and terrify adults but it gives an idea of how our society has failed those members we consider to be our demographic dividend. Teenage boys are now part of gangs, their activities concentrating on getting the upper hand over another gang. The concepts of 'supremacy' and 'respect' are an important element in this gang culture that advocates brutality and defiance of law.

Every country should take care of its youth as it is a natural resource to recognize, establish and develop the state. Likewise, increase in the literacy rate of juveniles is an important factor for development. To reduce the rate of delinquency it is necessary that juveniles are the priority of the country.

There are various causes of juvenile delinquency namely; parental addiction, poverty, breakdown of the family, overcrowding, abusive conditions at home, unemployment, injustice, absence of appropriate laws, gambling, running away from home, lack of attention by elders, addiction, peer pressure, illiteracy and discord between siblings. In order to reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency it is essential to take some measures, such as the elimination of family conflicts. The state should give provisions to avoid overcrowding, the state should provide job opportunities, ensure justice or give justice which can reduce delinquency. Parents and elders of families should pay attention to their offspring.

Many parents give their kids inordinate amounts of cash, gadgets and cars in lieu of their time, guidance and affection. Others think religious education is the only way to keep them on track, forgetting the dangers of distorted notions of religion that have given rise to militancy. Still others allow their children to stay hours on the internet, not knowing what kind of content they are exposed to. Discrimination against juveniles should be finished and electronic media should not display criminal activities through their channels.