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Cricketers to get unpaid BPL money from next week
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Cricketers to get unpaid BPL money from next week

The players’ prolonged wait for getting the money of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is likely to be ended as the governing council decided to disburse the payment from the next week. The BCB’s cricket operations chairman Naimur Rahman Durjoy was given responsibility to decide about unpaid payment of the players with talking to all stakeholders. After having a series of discussion with the players, franchisees and the governing council, Durjoy has taken a decision to give the base price to which the players complied.

It was the best possible way to create a win-win position according to Durjoy. While Shakib was sold to US$ 3.65 lakh, his base price was US$ 75, 000 which meant Shakib would now get that base price instead of the full money. By giving those unpaid amount, all problems would be resolved and there will no dues for the first two editions, said governing council chairman Afzalur Rahman Sinha. “We would start disbursing the unpaid amount by the next Sunday or Monday,” he told the reporters yesterday.
“It would be the last installment which is the major bulk indeed. In the past we gave some money by installments. After giving this installment, the issue of unpaid amount will be resolved,” he added. The players however complied with the decision according to the policy of, ‘something is better than nothing.’ “Durjoy was given the responsibility to clear the matter, discussing with all stakeholders. He brought up acceptable solutions,” Sinha pointed out.
Meanwhile the meeting of BPL governing council, scheduled to be held today, was deferred. In the meeting, the number of franchisees is supposed to be fixed. However it meant that the interested enterprises who didn’t provide the required bank guarantee and pay-order by August 30, got some more times.
“The meeting won’t be held on Friday so the number of franchisees would be fixed in the next week,” Sinha revealed. Member secretary of the governing council Ismail Haider Mallick also hoped that things will be cleared by Sunday or Monday.
“Hope everything will be fixed on Sunday or Monday in the next week,” he expected. The board however would decide about the name of the teams.
The name of the teams won’t be announced in the next week, only who will get the team would be revealed, sources said.