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Alliance helpline receives monthly 5,200 calls on workers safety
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Alliance helpline receives monthly 5,200 calls on workers safety

The Alliance for Bangla-desh Worker Safety (Alliance) Helpline has received more than 200,000 calls since its inception, and an average of 5,200 calls per month in 2017. The organization has also completed factory remediation and safety training at hundreds of ready-made garment factories in the country in recent years.

These were disclosed at a press conference of the orgnisation held at a hotel in the capital yesterday, where former US Ambassador to Bangladesh James F Moriarty, also the executive director of the Alliance, presented some of the accomplishments.

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, also known as "the Alliance" or AFBWS, is a group of 28 major global retailers formed to develop and launch the Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative, a binding, five-year undertaking with the intent of improving safety in Bangladeshi

ready-made garment (RMG) factories after the the Rana plaza building collapse in 2013.  

Alliance made the first worker resource of its kind in Bangladesh, the Alliance Helpline, which has received massive response demonstrating its uptake and value among workers, the former US Ambassador said while addressing the briefing.

Alliance continued to operate their confidential, 24-hour Helpline, ‘Amader Kotha’ which at present is available

to more than 1.4 million workers across nearly 1,000


The work of alliance on factory remediation work is progressing at a rapid pace, and they remain on track to meet their stated commitments by the end of the year, said Moriarty.

At present, 322 Alliance-affiliated factories have

completed all material components in their corrective action plans and are considered substantially remediate. Eighty-eight percent of factory remediation is complete across all active factories, including 84 percent of items most critical to life safety.

Alliance has completed retrofitting 264 factories

among 290. Similarly, 141 factories have needed to install sprinkler systems. Of these, 118 factories or 84 percent have completed installation, Moriarty said.

Alliance also trained more than 27,000 security guards in the skills necessary to protect life, rather than property, in the case of an emergency, and trained managers in 17 security guard companies.