POST TIME: 13 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Apu and Shakib are now officially divorced
DL reporter

Apu and Shakib are now officially divorced

After a lot of commotion and misery in the relationship, Dhallywood super star Shakib Khan and actress Apu Biswas are now officially divorced.

The relationship between Shakib and Apu has come to an end yesterday. According to the Muslim law, separation will be effective if there is no settlement within 90 days of sending the notice of separation. The divorce should have taken place on February 28 as Shakib had sent the divorce letter to Apu through his lawyer on November 28 last year.  

Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) set three hearing dates after receiving the copy of divorce notice on December 12. They were called upon by the DNCC on January 12 and February 12 for settlement of arbitration among themselves. Though Apu Biswas appeared on the first date on January 12, she did not appear on two other dates. On the other hand, Shakib Khan did not appear before the family court for a single day. Here comes the third and final date on March 12, but both Shakib and Apu remained absent in the hearing. As a result, the divorce finally took place.

Chief executive officer of DNCC zone 3 Hemayet Hossain said that the divorce will now automatically be effective since both parties remained absent from the hearing.

However, Shakib Khan will give the dower (Den Mahr) to Apu Biswas as well as provide a means of support. On the other hand, Shakib Khan has already been giving one lakh taka per month to Apu Biswas for their son Abraham.

To note, the celebrity couple got married on 18 April in 2008, but kept their marriage a secret. They continued their respective film careers without giving away their secret marriage. Then in a sensational television interview on 10 April last year, Apu revealed the secret about their marriage. She also came out in public with her then six-month-old son Abraham. Shakib Khan also confessed about their marriage and accepted their son but refused to be with Apu Biswas.