POST TIME: 10 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
‘Sentimental Selim’ gets extension beyond 52 episodes

‘Sentimental Selim’ gets extension beyond 52 episodes

Zahid Hasan, the main protagonist and director of the popular drama -serial ‘Sentimental Selim’ confirms to DhakaLive that the drama-serial has received an extension.

The 51st episode of the drama-serial has recently been aired.

Apart from actor-director Zahid Hasan himself playing the title role, popular actors Mahmud Sajjad, Arfan, Saju Khadem, Shagota and Tanzika Amin portraying different characters in ‘Sentimental Selim’.

DhakaLive has news that the drama-serial was initially supposed to be finished with 52 episodes. But it has received the extension, thanks to its popular demand from both channel and audience.

The shooting of the drama-serial has started again in a shooting house located in Uttara in the capital.

“I have no idea how a drama-serial gains admiration in the hearts of the audiences. Most of the time, I hear from new artistes that they did an amazing and extraordinary job. To tell the truth, I do not find anything extraordinary in such works,” said Zahid Hasan.

“All I try to do is to continue my work with sincerity. I believe those who watch my works are the true judges. I will be successful if they like my works”, he added further.

Mahmud Sajjad, who plays the character of Liza’s (played by Shagota) father, said: “I am involved in the production of ‘Sentimental Selim’ from the very beginning. This drama-serial has an organised unit. Together, we try our best in this drama-serial.”

To note, ‘Sentimental Selim’ is aired on Channel RTV every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9:20pm.

Photo courtesy : Mohsin Ahmed