POST TIME: 10 March, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Award-winning play ‘Eksho Bosta Chal’ to be staged today
DL reporter

Award-winning play ‘Eksho Bosta Chal’ to be staged today

A special show of the award- winning play ‘Eksho Bosta Chal’ (One Hundred Sacks of Rice) will be staged today at the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Segun Bagicha in the capital. The play will be brought to the stage as a part of the ongoing theatre festival organised by Dhaka Padatik to celebrate its 38th founding anniversary.

The play is a collaborative work between the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) and the Japanese Embassy in Dhaka, which is originally written in Japanese by Yuzo Yamamoto, is adapted into Bangla by Professor Abdus Selim and directed by Golam Sarwar.  

The play is based on a true story that occurred in Japan about 150 years ago is set against the backdrop of the transitional period of ‘Shogunate era’ to ‘Meiji’ resurrection. It is a story about one aged samurai, Torajiro Kobayashi, who preached the priority of education over hunger, patience over temporary relief, and importance of developing human resources in building a strong national foundation. The thrilling dialogue between Torajiro and vexed young samurais, who insist, at sword’s point, the desperate need of sufficing today’s hunger, is breathtaking, while brilliantly capturing the essence of samurai spirits as well as the Japanese philosophy deeply embedded in it. On the other hand, Kolyani Natya Charcha Kendra from Kolkata will bring its play ‘Dhubo Putro’ today at the Experimental Theatre Hall of BSA at the same time.

Where: BSA, Segun Bagicha

When: 7pm, today.