POST TIME: 1 February, 2018 00:00 00 AM
Curriculum specialist assaults five colleagues

Curriculum specialist assaults five colleagues

A female curriculum specialist allegedly assaulted and injured five of her colleagues, all of them BCS officials, over a trifle matter at the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) yesterday (Wednesday), sources said.

The female curriculum specialist is assistant professor Tawfiqa Akhter, who happens to be the spouse of the chief accounting officer of the NCTB, Mohammad Monirul Islam, and sister of Nazmul Haque Khan, personal secretary to the education minister, NCTB sources said.  The education ministry, in a circular, has made the NCTB curriculum specialist and assistant professor of Islamic History and Culture, Dr Tawfiqa Akhter, and the assistant professor of Zoology, Dr Abdul Aziz Faisal, Officers on Special Duty (OSDs).  

These two officers, who were on deputation at the NCTB, have been transferred to the Secondary and Higher Education Division under the  education ministry as OSDs, on the directive of education minister Nurul Islam Nahid.

“She was mentally agitated and the incident occurred. We have made her an OSD. Further investigation will be carried out to take the next course of action,” NCTB chairman Prof. Narayan Chandra Saha told The independent.  Besides, the NCTB authorities have filed a general diary (GD) with Motijheel police station in this regard.  The incident has created a sense of insecurity among other officials of the NCTB. They urged the administration to create a peaceful and friendly working environment, otherwise they would be forced to consider other steps, sources said.

The sources said the NCTB officials would not work until the administration took steps against her because this is not the first incident Tawfiqa has been involved in. She very often verbally abuses her colleagues over minor matters.

Narrating the latest incident, victims and senior officials said office work was going on as usual. Tawfiqa Akhter asked the peon for tea in a  high-pitched voice. Nonetheless, she was served tea. But she shouted again and the peon asked why was she shouting. This infuriated her further. At this time, another curriculum specialist, Prof. Giasuddin, came to her and Tawfiqa hit her with a shoe. Prof. Giasuddin naturally reacted, the sources said.

Another curriculum specialist, Goutam, came to the spot, but she broke a glass door that fell on him and another colleague, Dr Shahjahan. Both were injured by broken glass pieces.  The sources said when another curriculum specialist, Prof. Salam, approached Tawfiqa, she allegedly assaulted him and hurled abuses.  

The victims said they received medical treatment due to continuous bleeding from hands and legs.  During the incident, Prof. Mia Enamul Haque Siddique, called the police. Two policewomen escorted Tawfiqa  downstairs and she left for home.  

Talking to different colleagues, they alleged that Tawfiqa has been working at the NCTB for three years, but she is "mentally sick" and abuses NCTB staff.

More than a year ago, Tawfiqa assaulted another senior professor. Education ministry joint secretary Ruhi Rahman visited the spot. Both the ministry and the NCTB know about it, but nothing has been done till now.