POST TIME: 18 August, 2015 00:00 00 AM
Abul Hayat, Dolly Johur pair up once again in ‘Uttar Dokkhin’

Abul Hayat, Dolly Johur pair up once again in ‘Uttar Dokkhin’

Popular actors Abul Hayat and Dolly Johur, who are certainly no strangers to one another as the two have appeared together in countless tele-dramas and drama serials on BTV, will once again pair up for a 27-episode drama serial titled ‘Uttar Dokkhin’. The drama serial has been written by Abul Hayat and produced by Shahzaman, a producer of Bangladesh Television. ‘Uttar Dokkhin’ will be aired every Friday at 9 pm on BTV. Regarding the drama serial and once again working with Dolly Johur, Abul Hayat said “The main plot of ‘Uttar Dokkhin’ will centre on the contemporary times and 30 years back and how the two separate times will merge in one place. Dolly Johur always gives her best to present any character. That is the reason why she has become the Dolly Johur of today. It is always a pleasure to work with her.”
Dolly Johur, who is currently in Australia, said via telephone, “Abul Hayat has been a supportive figure ever since the very beginning of my acting career and he has not only been a co-artiste, but I have also worked under his direction. He is definitely a unique actor.”
To note, Abul Hayat and Dolly Johur have gained positive reposnses from the viewers for their appearances together on television. Their most noted drama serial was ‘Ey Shob Din Ratri’, where Abul Hayat played the brother-in-law of Dolly Johur. Under the direction of Humayun Ahmed, in the film ‘Shankhaneel Karagaar’, Abul Hayat played the role of her father. Dolly Johur appeared in tele-dramas directed by Abul Hayat and among those are ‘Modhanno Bhoj Ki Hobe’ and ‘Shesh Potro’.
Today, Abul Hayat will be busy with the shooting of the tele-drama ‘The Village Engineer’, directed by Salauddin Lavlu. Dolly Johur-acted drama serial ‘Mayar Khela’ concluded on Rtv. She will start working on the new drama serial after making her return from Australia.