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Now Champa joins the unit of Alamgir’s film
DL reporter

Now Champa joins the unit of Alamgir’s film

(From left) Arefin Shuvo, Rituparna, Alamgir and Champa pose for a photo during the shooting at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation in the capital yesterday. Photo courtesy: Mohsin Ahmed

Shooting of actor Alamgir’s new film ‘Ekti Cinemar Galpo’ is currently underway on the premises of the Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) in the capital. Beginning on September 9, Alamgir, Arefin Shuvo and Indian actress Rituparna Sengupta have taken part in the shooting till Friday. And now, five-time National Film Award winning actress Champa has joined the unit yesterday.

DhakaLive has news that Champa, Rituparna and Shuvo took part in the day-long shooting yesterday. With her involvement in the film, actress Champa is working under the direction of Alamgir after 30 long years.

Champa said about working under the direction of Alamgir after 30 years, “I acted under his direction in the film ‘Nispap’ more than 30 years ago. Now again, after many years, I am working under his direction and I can’t express my feeling in words how happy and fascinated I am. As an actress, I always have the desire to play wonderful characters, and my wish has been granted with the opportunity of playing the character named Mitali in this film.”

Alamgir said, “Champa is a very serious actress. She always tries to deliver her best performance. Her interest in acting as well as concentration and devotion for acting are praiseworthy, which is also rare in the artistes nowadays. Likewise, she started exploring about different aspects of my film once she got involved with it. This is an example of her dedication to work.”

Rituparna said, “Undoubtedly, actor Alamgir is a brilliant director, who also has a strong personality. He admires me very much. Besides, I receive immense cooperation from him to enact my character appropriately. Each and every one of the unit are very cordial and supportive. I want to do a few more wonderful films here, so that the viewers of Bangladesh will always remember my name with honour.”

The shooting of the film will continue throughout the entire month of September at BFDC, director Alamgir, who also has written the story, screenplay and dialogue for film, informed.